Online Study

This study investigates how people acquire new habits and how habits can sometimes become inflexible, leading to compulsions, which is a major component in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

You can participate in this study from your home, via Internet!

Who can take part?

This study is seeking participants aged 18-65 years (both healthy or with OCD) to help us in our research. We reimburse participants at the rate of £8.72 an hour. This research study has been reviewed by the Cambridge Psychology Research Ethics Committee.

What does this study involve?

After you contact us, you will be invited by email to fill in a questionnaire online to select participants that are suitable to complete the experiment. This phase will take you approximately 15 min to complete.

Within a few days after you complete this survey, if you are eligible, you will receive an invitation with links to the next phases of this study. You will be required to perform 5 computer games and complete a few questionnaires. This part will take you approximately 1 h and 20 min to complete.

Initial requirements:

Mozilla Firefox web browser, computer, keyboard, mouse, quiet room.

How to get involved?

Please send us an email ( to receive more details about this study. Or get in touch with the team via our online form.