Teenagers Study

What is the aim of this study?

We are interested in studying the cognitive processes that characterise young people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In particular, we hope to answer questions related to how young people with OCD learn new information and make decisions. To study this, we are employing a variety of methods including computer-based tasks, computational modelling of behaviour, and skin conductance responses.

Who can take part and what does this study involve?

This study is now seeking participants aged 12-19 years (both healthy or with OCD) to help us in our research. It will entail a single study session in the University of Cambridge involving simple computer-based games and questionnaires. We reimburse participants at the rate of £8 an hour and all travel expenses are covered. This study has received ethical approval from the East of England Essex NHS research committee (Research Ethics Number:  REC 10/H0301/49).

Please contact Aleya Marzuki (aa2017@cam.ac.uk) for more details on how to get involved in this study. Or get in touch with the team via our online form.